Our goal is to develop the next generation of leading Nigerians from diverse sectors, backgrounds and ages with the skills to participate in local and international internet governance structures, and shape the future of the internet landscape for Nigeria`s development.

2023 Application Closed.
Ongoing Fellowship

The 2023 NSIG Fellowship will be up and running soon. We hope to continue the PRIDA-NSIG Collaboration.

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The NSIG Faculty

The selection of Faculty Members is completed and the list will be posted soon.

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Lead Team

The Team Lead for each year is appointed by the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter.

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Past Fellows

To confirm our approved NSIG Fellows to use its appellation, please, download the e-stamped list for the year in question. 

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our Objective

The main objective of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to train new leaders of opinion in all aspects related to Internet Governance, from a global perspective and with focus on the Nigeria perspective.

The program helps interested students, academic as well as individuals working in the private sector as well as in government to get comprehensive and structured knowledge on Internet governance. To better understand the complexity related to Internet governance and its importance in the future of the Internet.

The mission of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to:

  1. Increase the number of representatives from Nigeria in the international Internet Governance debate spaces.
  2. Motivate its participants presenting their opinions and to become active participants in Internet Governance meetings and activities, where the future of the Internet is shaped.
  3. Make the participants become the future leaders on Internet Governance in the Nigeria space and region.
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